Fluxo Soluções
 / July 2008

Valvtechnologies and Shafer in the world's largest pipeline

Per Paulo Frank

MMX selected Valvtechnologies and Shafer to supply the valves, hydraulic actuators and HPU's to be installed in the pipeline that will transport the mineral reserves from Conceição do Mato Dentro – MG, to the Açu Port Complex – RJ. To drain the production of this reserve, which can reach two billion tons of iron ore, MMX will build the largest ore pipeline in the world, with approximately 525 km.

The application in pipelines is extremely severe due to the high abrasiveness of the fluid (ore pulp), and requires a tight seal, as any leak will allow only water to pass through, while the ore will be retained, which can clog the pipeline. .

The 364 valves supplied will be of the Ball and Retention type, from 2″ 150lbs to 24″ 1500lbs, with manual activations or equipped with hydraulic actuators. Valvtechnologies' unique design allows the valve to operate without stalling, even with ore pocketing and fouling inside the valve body.

Shafer actuators ensure uniform and accurate actuation, which prevents the valve sealing areas from being exposed to abrasion for too long. By having a single moving part, the actuators avoid the losses of a conventional scoth-yoke system. Hydraulic pressure is directly transformed into rotary motion, generating uniform torque. Its HPU's (Hydraulic Power Units) are also designed specifically for this application, guaranteeing the minimum pressure required for activation within the specified times.

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