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Severe Service Valves

Manufacturer: ValvTechnologies

ValvTechnologies exclusively manufactures severe service, metal-to-metal seat, zero leakage isolation valves per ISO 5208 Rate A.

Severe service applications may require high temperatures, eg above 260°C, high corrosion, high abrasion, high pressure: ANSI 2500, 4500, API 10K, 15K or very low temperatures such as below -45°C.

With the use of high-tech coatings and the use of a unique Seat design integral to the body, Valvtechnologies can guarantee resistant valves in extremely severe services guaranteeing ZERO LEAKAGE in Metal-Metal type valves.

Main products

  • Seat supported ball valve V1-1 Series: DN ¼in – 4in 900-4500#, V1-2 Series: 1/2in – 26in 150# - 600#, V1-3 Series: 1/2in-2in 150-600#, V1-4 Series: 4″-36 ″ 900-4500#.
  • Trunion Valves – Nextech and Truntech DND 2-36in ANSI 150 – 2500, 5K, 10K, 15K
  • 3-way and 4-way valves - 1-1/2-30" ASME/ANSI Class 150 - 4500
  • Parallel Sliding Gate Valves -  4 - 36" ASME / ANSI Class 150 - 4500


API-6D, API-6A, PSL-3, ISO 5208 Rate A, ASME B16.34, Nace MR-01-75 / ISO 15156, Fugitive emissions TA-Luft and ISO 15848-1 Class B, SIL-3, API -607 / API 6FA. 

Main Applications

HIPPS Systems, Injection, Test and Production Well Manifolds, PIG Launchers and Receivers, Pumping Stations, Pressure Reduction Stations (Choke Stations) and valve stations in pipelines.

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