Fluxo Soluções

Deliver solutions with innovation and excellence. This is our mission.

Innovative in its DNA, FLUXO is recognized in the market for bringing world-class technological solutions, adding its local expertise in engineering, integration and after-sales.

We offer from sensors and instrumentation equipment, to complete modules mounted on skids with in-house manufacturing and engineering.


Our products can be categorized into the classes below:

  • Fiscal Measurement and Custody Transfer (level and flow);
  • Engineered valves;
  • Actuators for valves;
  • Basic instrumentation;
  • Flexible ducts;
  • Artificial Intelligence Software and Machine Learning;
  • Systems for Industry 4.0;
  • Control of atmospheric pollution: Recovery Units (URV/VRU) and Combustion Units (UCV/VCU) of vapors);
  • Oil and gas treatment systems;
  • chemical injection

Our solutions comprise the following applications:

  • Complete automation of fuel, chemical and natural gas terminals;
  • Automation of offshore platforms;
  • Automation of onshore production fields;
  • Pipeline automation;
  • Automation of petrochemicals, refineries and ethanol and biofuel plants;
  • Distributed generation and cogeneration;
  • Maintenance contracts by availability;
  • Maintenance and repair center for industrial valves.


  • Launch of the new visual identity


  • Flow quadruples its skids manufacturing capacity, moving to a new factory in Santana de Parnaíba/SP


  • Flow opens its headquarters in Santana de Parnaíba with a skids factory, warehouse, service workshop – technical assistance and equipment assembly.


  • Fluxo opens new headquarters in Salvador at Rua Manoel Barreto, 717, Graça.


  • The company's Corporate Name becomes Fluxo Soluções Integradas Ltda.


  • The start of the representation contract with Capstone Turbine Corporation introduces Fluxo to the cogeneration and electricity market.


  • Creation of the Integrated Solutions Business Unit – Fluxo is no longer just an equipment representative and has become a supplier of automation solutions.
  • Start of operations in the ethanol market.


  • Obtaining the ISO9001 Quality Certificate.
  • Fluxo's entry into the mining market – first sale to Samarco Mineradora.


  • Opening of the Fluxo São Paulo branch.


  • Hideo Hama buys the shares of partners Almir Flores and Carlos Altivo Rosal de Oliveira, forming the new corporate division of Fluxo Petróleo: Hideo Hama with 60% and Sérgio Pato with 40%.
  • Opening of the Fluxo branch in Rio de Janeiro-RJ.


  • Creation of Fluxo Serviços de Petróleo LTDA. by the current partners of Fluxo Installations (Hideo Hama, Carlos Altivo Rosal de Oliveira, Almir Flores de Lima) and Sérgio Luiz de Moraes Pato.
  • Opening of business in the upstream oil and gas market.


  • Fluxo Installations begins to acquire representations of foreign equipment manufacturers with exclusivity in Brazil.


  • Birth of Fluxo Equipamentos e Equipamentos Ltda. with partners: Carlos Espinheira de Sá, Luiz Gonzaga Mousinho de Azevedo, Hideo Hama, Jayme Avaiusini and Herbert Werner Rodenburg.