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Loading Skids

FLOW manufacturing


Size range: from 15 m3/h to 200m3/h


  • Loading / unloading of fuels, chemicals, solvents, pressurized liquefied gases (LPG, propene, ammonia, etc.).
  • Loading / unloading for road and rail modals with bottom loading and top loading connection;
  • System uncertainty and repeatability: 0.15%

Technical description of the loading skids

The skids built in Fluxo's factory guarantee the customer numerous advantages. This technology is based on efficiency, uncertainty and assurance about the complete system.

Fluxo's solutions for loading and unloading trucks and wagons on skids ensure perfect integration between instrumentation, piping, metallic and electrical structures, guaranteeing the necessary infrastructure for the control and measurement of the volume or mass loaded by our customers.  

The operational safety of the loading skids is made up of a grounding and overfill monitoring system, strategically positioned emergency buttons, interlocking for immediate blocking of activated pumps and the possibility of interlocking with plant safety.

Available with the functionality of injecting any additive or marker, formulating different types of recipes for different types of customers or final product.

Fluxo's terminal management software controls the terminal's inventory and operation and integrates with the customer's invoice generation system.


  • Fusion4 – INMETRO/Dimel Ordinance No. 107, of June 14, 2019.
  • Foreherman Turbine - INMETRO/Dimel Ordinance No. 248 / INMETRO/Dimel Ordinance No. 371

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