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Combustion Equipment



  • Maximize process performance;
  • Reduce production cost;
  • Meet emissions requirements;
  • Increase security;
  • Improve energy efficiency;
  • Minimize material loss;
  • Extend the useful life of the asset;
  • Reduce maintenance requirements;
  • Respond to a lack of thermal energy.

Main products

  • Burners;
  • Burner management and control;
  • Control of the air / fuel ratio;
  • control panels;
  • Flame protection controls;
  • Industrial Flame Monitoring;
  • PLC based control panels;
  • Control valves;
  • Regulators;
  • Pressure switches.

Combustion Management Systems

  • Configurable security integration option and programmable logic in a single platform.
  • On-board communication capabilities (Ethernet, Modbus RS485 / TCP, BACnet).
  • Complete solutions configured from the factory, sized according to application.
  • Approvals: CE / CSA / UL / FM approved (US / CA).


  • They offer customized solutions for a wide variety of industrial heating applications.
  • Various models and sizes, easy installation, set-up and maintenance.
  • Up to 25,000,000 kcal/h.
  • Turn down of up to 40:1.
  • Applications: Commercial and industrial boilers, furnaces, process heating, automotive painting booths, dryers, incinerators, among others.


  • They provide levels of safety, functional capacity and features superior to conventional controllers.
  • Models with pre and post purge options.
  • Display options with keyboard in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian and French.
  • Diagnostics: Self Check.
  • Compatibility with UV, IR and ion rod sensors.
  • Approvals: CE / FM / CSA / UL.
  • Applications: Commercial and industrial boilers, ovens, furnaces, process heaters, automotive paint booths, dryers, incinerators and for other applications involving gaseous and liquid fuels.

Flame Sensors

  • Options UV, Solid State UV, UVTron, IR, IR+UV, Visible Light.
  • Configurable touchscreen detectors.
  • Definition of flame intensity.
  • Software configuration options.
  • Approvals: CE / UL / CSA / INMETRO / CSA / IECEx and ATEX.
  • Applications: Boilers, burners, refineries, ovens, furnaces, process heating, dryers, among others.


Lock: Solenoid, motorized, pneumatic, manual and double body:

  • Different diameters: from 3/4 to 8 inches.
  • Options with metal-to-metal seal (Class IV), viton, etc.
  • Flange or threaded models.
  • Options with tightness test (VPS).
  • Hazardous area valves.
  • PST (Partial Stroke Test).

Control: Butterfly Valve, Globe:

  • Valves for hazardous areas.
  • Aggressive gases and liquids.
  • Electric actuators accurate to 0.1 degree.
  • Control valves for parallel limit systems.



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