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Manufacturer: Yokogawa



Measurements from 0.6 to 80 lph up to 5000 psig


Measurement and control of chemical injection

Main features and differences:

FluidCom is a flow rate controller for chemical injection maintenance-free, self-adjusting, manufactured 100% in 316 stainless steel. It incorporates in a single instrument a flow meter, a regulating valve, an actuator and a controller.

The FluidCom has no moving parts and its regulating valve is adjusted through the thermal expansion and contraction of the body with the needle. Its mechanism does not require the use of control valves and IRCDs and eliminates the constant manual flow adjustments, necessary when chemical dosing is performed by other equipment, ensuring that the chemical injection occurs constantly and reliably according to the set-point. and prevents underdosing, which poses risks to equipment and processes, and overdosing, avoiding chemical waste and increased costs.


Inmetro, IECEX and ATEX for use in hazardous areas.

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