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Electronic Preset (Preset)

Manufacturer: Honeywell Enraf


The Pre-Determiner Model: Fusion4 MSC-L can control even six loading arms simultaneously, for safe and precise loading and transfer of high value-added products, in road and rail loading and in maritime terminals.


Monitoring and control of product loading, with sophisticated features and the most intuitive operating interface in the world, featuring an 8” WVGA color screen, keyboard and icons with an interface such as smartphones and tablets, facilitating their use by operators.

Main features and differentials

  • It can simultaneously control up to 6 independent loading arms and 24 flow meters, with their respective in-line mixing, additives and marking;
  • Excellent I/O's capacity, allowing the control of future demands, as happened in the past, with the need to control additives, markers and the mixture of biodiesel in diesel;
  • Configurable I/O's: association of any function to any input or output (I/O);
  • Modular design that allows future expansion of I/O's, which can increase the capacity of arms to be controlled;
  • Firmware updates made in the field through the Local Access Device (LAD) that uses an SD card, being certified for use in a hazardous area, without the need to use a computer in the field. It is the only preset on the market that has this function;
  • Intuitive interface in Portuguese with icons on an 8” WVGA color display that does not require special training for operators;
  • Advanced alarm management: monitors twice as many parameters as other models;
  • Real-time diagnostics: dashboard for quick problem identification;
  • Modbus TCP terminal management software (TAS) interface for fully automated terminal control;
  • Recording in non-volatile memory of up to 10,000 transactions and 100 calibration records;
  • Identifies the driver and stores vehicle data entry, product scheduling, recipes, and loading control in a simple and secure way;
  • It can be supplied with two power supplies, thus maintaining the operation even in case one of the sources burns out.


INMETRO definitive certificate for use in classified areas, in accordance with INMETRO Ordinance No. 179 of 05/18/2010.

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