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Digital Control Valve

Manufacturer: OVC Control Valves


  • Sizes: From 2” to 6”;
  • Pressure Class: 150# or 300#;
  • Power supply for solenoid valves: 110V or 220V. It can also be supplied in 24VDC;
  • Seals: In viton. It can also be supplied with special seals for specific products. 

Applications / Operation

Model: 115-3

  • Loading and unloading platforms at Fuel Distribution Terminals.
  • The solenoid valves will allow, in case of absence or loss of electrical energy, the main valve to return to a safe, closed condition.
  • Model 115-3 is operated via two two-way solenoid valves. The first connects the main valve inlet to the diaphragm chamber and, when it is open, causes the main valve to close. The second solenoid valve connects the diaphragm chamber to the main valve outlet and, when it is open, allows the main valve to open. Each solenoid valve operates in series with a needle valve, which allows fine adjustment of the opening and closing speed of the main valve.

Model: 115-4k

  • Emergency shut-off valve in fuel loading lines in Distribution Terminals.
  • A three-way solenoid valve operates a high-capacity three-way auxiliary pilot. In one position, the pilot connects the pressure support to the diaphragm chamber of the main valve, causing it to close. In the other position, the pilot connects the diaphragm chamber downstream, allowing the valve to open. The pilot is equipped with a needle valve that allows control of the opening and closing speed of the valve.


The Model 115-4k Control Valve consists of the following components, arranged as illustrated in the schematic diagram below:

  1. Model 65 Basic Control Valve;
  2. Model 452 Three-Way Solenoid Pilot;
  3. Model 3650 Three-Way Accelerator Pilot;
  4. Model 1356 differential control pilot;
  5. Model 141-2 Needle Valve;
  6. In-line filter Model 123 );
  7. Visual Indicator Model 150 (optional).

Main features and differentials

  • It has solenoid valves (Normally Open and Normally Closed) electrically operated that allow the opening and closing of the valve, or that it is kept in any intermediate position;
  • All parts can be repaired without removing the valve from the line;
  • Easier maintenance valve on the market. Lower maintenance cost;
  • More robust diaphragm than other manufacturers;
  • Allows independent adjustments of opening and closing speed;
  • All valves are factory tested before delivery and can be configured according to customer requirements;
  • All valves are shipped with serial number plate and Operation and Maintenance manual;
  • Precise long-term control.

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