Fluxo Soluções

Size range:  According to customer requirements.

Applications: Natural gas 

Main Features and Differentials

City-Gates are systems made up of several skids, with different functions such as Pressure Regulation, Filtering, Measurement and Heat Exchange, FLUXO supplies complete City Gates which may contain:

  • Horizontal Three-Phase Separators.
  • Condensate recovery unit.
  • Water heating system (Boiler).
  • Gas rack for boilers
  • Filtering skid.
  • Gas x water heat exchange.
  • Gas pressure regulation with overpressure protection fully meeting NBRs.
  • Measurement Measurement Station for custody transfer.
  • water pump skid
  • Chromatograph
  • drain tank
  • Electric room
  • Vent stack


Full compliance with Brazilian Standards.

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