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Compact Tester for Liquid Flow Meters

Manufacturer: Honeywell Enraf

Size range

Model SVP005 - 114 m³/h to Model SVP120 - 2782 m³/h.


Honeywell Enraf's Compact Tester meets the most stringent requirements needed to calibrate flow meters, such as: Turbine, Positive Displacement, Coriolis and Ultrasonic. The tasters are supplied with the new Compact Tester Controller, with a 3.5” 6-line multifunction display, which offers users real-time visual monitoring and operation control for the first operation.


Repeatability greater than or equal to 0.02%.

Main Features and Differentials

Honeywell has the know-how of this technology, since it acquired Enraf, which had acquired Calibron, which pioneered the development of this technology for the calibration of flow meters with compact testers, occupying little space in the plant.

  • Electromechanical piston return;
  • Built with Fail Safe;
  • No pressure adjustment required;
  • Water Draw Certification;
  • Seals in Carbon or Ekonol filled with PTFE;
  • New Controller with multifunctional display, see figure below;
  • Local Access Device (LAD);
  • Probation cycle counter;
  • Indicates scan time;
  • Full compatibility of the new controller with old and new versions of tasters;
  • Alarm acknowledgment.


  • INMETRO Special Situation Certificate (CSE) for use in classified areas, in accordance with INMETRO Ordinance No. 179 of 05/18/2010.



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