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Intelligent Electric Actuators

Manufacturer: Rotork

IQ & IQT Actuators

  • Fast and secure commissioning and configuration, even without power, via a non-intrusive and intrinsically safe Bluetooth® configuration tool;
  • Easy installation and maintenance of the valve;
  • Illuminated display, multilingual and with an intuitive interface;
  • Real-time visualization of valve and actuator performance on your display;
  • Secure and secure data download using the non-intrusive Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro;
  • Field-updatable and field-configurable indication and control options using the configuration tool;
  • Compatible with Pakscan™ digital monitoring and control system, plus all major fieldbus networks;
  • Continuous position tracking at all times, even without power;
  • Graphical interface, remote indication and data logger are maintained and accessible in case of power loss;
  • Extended life and mounting in any direction with oil bath lubrication;
  • Protection against water ingress, does not depend on terminal cover or cable gland seal - double seal to IP66/68 (20 m / 10 days);
  • Increased protection using independent torque and position sensors;
  • Safe, engine-independent operation, with flywheel available at all times;
  • Explosion-proof and certified for safety applications (SIL2/3);
  • Totally non-intrusive, it is not necessary to open it at any time during its installation and commissioning;
  • Single-phase, 3-phase or DC power supply options.
  • I Q
    • Multi-turn drive: 10 to 3,000 Nm (7 to 2,200 lbf.ft);
    • Multi-turn drive with IS or IB gearbox: up to 44,000 Nm (32,452 lbf.ft);
    • ¼ Turn Drive: 50 to 3,000 Nm (37 to 2,200 lbf.ft);
    • ¼ turn drive with IW gearbox: up to 826,888 Nm (609,881 lbf.ft);
    • Linear pulse range with linear output: up to 112 kN (25177 lbf);
  • IQT
    • Designed to isolate or regulate tasks (S2 and S3 / Class A and B) of up to 1,200 starts per hour;
    • Direct torque output range from 50 to 3,000 Nm (37 to 2,214 lbf.ft);

Contact: rotork@fluxo.si

Rotork Master Station

  • It has a touch screen with an intuitive interface;
  • Allows up to three separate field networks in the same Mater Station;
  • Connectivity with multiple hosts (ethernet and serial);
  • Asset management and data logging;
  • Integrated redundancy support;
  • Possibility of upgrading existing Pakscan ™ systems to Rotork Master Station;
  • All Pakscan ™ field networks open to third party devices;
  • Efficient, low-cost installation with minimal acquisition cost;
  • Over 170,000 existing Pakscan™ field devices installed;
  • Backed by Rotork Global Support.

Contact: rotork@fluxo.si


  • Allows remote control of valves and actuators through a single twisted pair, eliminating the need to use multi-cables;
  • It has built-in field network redundancy to ensure that control is maintained even in case of equipment or cable failure;
  • Network loop controlled by a Rotork Master Station device available in single, dual or hot standby configurations;
  • A single Pakscan ™ network can control up to 240 actuators or other field devices using secure field communications;
  • Field data cable with a range of up to 20 km in length so that even distant valves can be easily incorporated into the network, without the need for repeaters;
  • More than 170,000 Pakscan™ actuators installed worldwide.

Contact: rotork@fluxo.si

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