Fluxo Soluções

Flexible Pipes

Manufacturer: FlexSteel

Size range

  • OD: 2" to 8"
  • Working Pressure: 750psi - 3,000 psi
  • Working Temperature: -40°C - 85°C


  • Oil & Gas
    • Shallow water such as production or injection piping
    • Onshore fields as an alternative to surface piping (for oil, gas or water) with the possibility of reuse at different application points
    • Gas and Oil Pipelines including solutions with directional drilling
    • Applications with CO2
  • Mining - excellent solution for draining waste water that is dammed in dams. As the piping can be used at different points and/or reused, it facilitates the solution for the relocation of disposable water from the dams of mining companies
  • Pipe Rehabilitation - Excellent solution for old pipes that present depreciation and high maintenance value, including risks of leakage to the operation. The FlexSteel solution is capable of being installed inside old pipelines as a quick and effective alternative to keep the operation safe.

Main features and differentials

FlexSteel technology is embedded in high quality flexible piping, with resistance to internal and external corrosion, with mechanical properties similar to carbon steel, with operational characteristics of installation and maintenance of less time and cost than those practiced in carbon steel piping, capable to test the integrity of the pipe without the need to stop the flow, which generates minimal impacts to the environment and urban neighborhoods since its installation is much more agile and less aggressive to the environment, including the reduction of assembly waste generated when compared to installation in the carbon steel solution. A This technology is composed in its piping of an outer HDPE layer, a steel reinforcement layer (metallic strips that surround the entire piping) and an inner HDPE layer. 

Within its technical specifications for flexible piping, FlexSteel has:

  • ISO 9001 Amplified by API Q1- Manufacture of Pipe and Fittings
  • API - 15S
  • API - 17J
  • ABNT Certification
  • Piping be piggable
  • Transport and storage of pipe in coils or spools
  • Factory hydrostatic test at 1.3 of the design nominal pressure for 8 uninterrupted hours


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