Fluxo Soluções


Fluxo's Services Business Unit is structured to offer customers solutions in technical assistance, training and field services in the following equipment:

  • Instrumentation;
  • Actuators and valves;
  • Level measurement and telemetry;
  • loading and unloading skids;
  • steam recovery units;
  • Cogeneration systems with microturbines;
  • Loading arms.

The Fluxo Services BU is also involved in the development of reliability-based maintenance programs, through the preparation of studies and maintenance plans aimed at guaranteeing minimum availability levels for our customers. In addition to preparing these studies and plans, BU Serviços implements, executes and manages the maintenance of equipment, areas or plants, ensuring their availability for our customers.

BU Services is basically organized into two areas:

Field services and technical assistance

Structure formed by a team of technical specialists, trained by the manufacturers, in the different disciplines in which we operate, in addition to a planning structure to ensure that our customers' needs for technical assistance in the laboratory or field, training and other field services are met.

Maintenance contracts

Structure formed by technical specialists and consultants in the field of reliability-based maintenance, who work in the design, implementation, execution and management of maintenance programs, which prioritize the concepts of predictive and preventive maintenance.