Fluxo Soluções
 / March 2017

Solution Flow in actuated ball valve for Maravilhas Dam III

Fluxo, together with its represented Valvtechnologies, will supply the hydraulically actuated metal-to-metal ball valves for the tailings adduction system at Vale's Maravilhas III Dam, in Greater Belo Horizonte.

The scope of this supply is a total of 9 ball valves from DN 6'' to DN 28'' 600# to work with tailings slurry, which requires a metallic seat design and sealing class according to ISO 5208 Rate A – Zero Leakage. All valves will be equipped with hydraulic actuators, control system and hydraulic unit.

The high torques required by the valves, combined with challenging operating times and on-site technical assistance, made Rotork the ideal partner for automating these valves.

Rotork, also represented by Fluxo in Brazil, is the largest manufacturer of actuators in the world, has established experience in the most diverse applications and the most complete product portfolio.

The valve design guarantees a level of safety, reliability and performance that allows Valvtechnologies to offer the market a factory warranty of up to 4 years and is proven to be the valve with the lowest maintenance cost, operating for 8 to 15 years without any intervention. .

Valvtechnologies has a base of around 7,500 valves manufactured for the mining market. Through the partnership with Fluxo alone, it has supplied more than 1,300 valves in Brazil for severe applications in pipelines owned by Vale, Samarco, MMX and others.

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