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 / January 2012

Flow supports citizenship training for adolescents in Salvador

A new group of thirty teenagers from the community of Recanto Feliz, in Salvador-BA, started, in March, soccer and citizenship activities sponsored by Fluxo. With the new students, the partnership between Fluxo and the NGO Fazer Acabar, formerly Bola Dentro, is now entering its third year in a row, always helping to form more aware children and fulfilling a role that formal school misses: education for citizenship .

The students from last year's class are still in the project. In this next stage, the teenagers will start taking classes in laboratories at Universidade Salvador (Unifacs), for basic computer training. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate for the two years of participation in the project, plus the completion of the computer course.

name change

The NGO, formerly called Instituto Bola Dentro, is now called Instituto Fazer Acabar. The name change was the idea of its coordinator, Renato Paes de Andrade, to expand the institute's activities: “the option for the name Fazer Acabar was strategic, so that we can create groups with other types of activities, obtain tax incentives, increase the number of of students and minimize costs”, he explains.

With a broader scope, the institute will be able to receive resources from projects such as Faz Cultura, for example, which will allow the creation of groups focused on artistic-cultural learning. In the near future, the NGO intends to offer courses related to art and professional training, through music and citizenship, training and citizenship, art and citizenship, in addition to the traditional duo sport and citizenship.

In the first semester of 2006, Instituto Fazer Acabar will have five groups formed, with a total of 150 teenagers from Recanto Feliz, Bairro da Paz, Boca do Rio and Valéria. The institute expects to double the number of classes this year, with funds donated by the Criança Esperança project. Instituto Fazer Acabar is looking for new sponsorships, both from companies and individuals. For more information, send an email to contato@fazacontecer.org.br

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