Fluxo Soluções
 / January 2012

Flow brings Tapco back to Brazil

After seven years away from Brazil, the American Tapco International Inc., a traditional company in the supply of valves for FCC plants, returns to the country, represented by Fluxo. While he was away, Tapco was incorporated into Curtiss-Wright, a group linked to the aeronautics industry.

Tapco's specialty is the supply of guillotine valves, isolation valves, expansion and control butterfly valves, special plug valves, flapper valves and diversion valves, in addition to manufacturing special electro-hydraulic actuators, customized for its valves. The equipment can also be used in direct reduction steel plants using natural gas.

For over 57 years, Tapco has been supplying refineries. With its acquisition by the Curtiss-Wright Group, in 2002, solutions were developed for the digital control of its valves and actuators, which increased the system's reliability. Through digital control, it is possible to collect information from the valves and carry out early interventions for performance corrections. The partnership with Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation has allowed Tapco to achieve excellence in supplying knife gate valves worldwide, combining state-of-the-art products and services.

Tapco International maintains sales engineering and technical support services teams in Houston and Barnsley (Yorkshire-UK), as well as sales offices in Velp, the Netherlands. For coverage in Brazil, the partnership with Fluxo will offer the market a technical assistance network coordinated by Fluxo, with maintenance teams distributed across four strategic points in the country. Fluxo also offers valve refraction services, with the help of its partner Fluxo Insulating and Refractory.

Tapco has already supplied gate valves and plug valves to refineries: Regap, Replan, RPBC, Revap, Repar, Refap, Reman and Passadena Refinery, Texas. For more information, visit: www.tapcovalve.com

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