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 / February 2018

Reduction in charging time makes TABR acquire a second valve from OCV

Per José Joaquim Barroso

The excellent performance of the OCV valve in operation in one of the LPG loading lines at the Barra do Riacho Waterway Terminal (TABR), since 2016, motivated the terminal to acquire another OCV digital diaphragm control valve for another line of loading. The commissioning and startup of the second valve was completed at the beginning of this month of February by Fluxo.

The TABR, located in the municipality of Aracruz, Espírito Santo, operated only with valves from another manufacturer with piston-type technology, but in both cases the valves began to malfunction. The gain of the terminal with the use of the OCV valve was very significant, since the reduction in the loading time of the trucks was approximately 25%. In this way, the loading of each tanker truck, which took an average of 40 minutes to be carried out, is currently carried out in just 30 minutes.

Valves for loading and unloading trucks and tank cars supplied by Fluxo exclusively throughout Brazil are manufactured by OCV Control Valves, a company established in the USA since 1952, specialized in the manufacture of valves, including digital control valves, which are operated by pipe fluid through a diaphragm.

Main Features of Digital Diaphragm Control Valves:

  • Easy maintenance, no need to remove the valve from the line. Preventive maintenance only consists of replacing a repair kit that is composed of the diaphragm and some seals;
  • Long service life of the diaphragm because it is very thick and very robust, compared to other manufacturers in the market;
  • When there is any problem with the diaphragm, through fatigue due to the natural course of time of use, the valve is immediately closed, since the upstream and downstream pressures are equalized, thus avoiding overfill (overflow);
  • As they are not actuated by means of a piston, they are not susceptible to jamming due to the presence of impurities in the fluid, thus avoiding overfill, which is a nuisance for the supply terminals due to the loss of product, not to mention the damage to the environment , with the possible contamination of the water table, if its incidence is recurrent;
  • An elongated “S” flow curve, ideal for low flow, modulation and general control;
  • Best linear control of 3% -100%;
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects at no additional cost

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