Fluxo Soluções
 / July 2020

Flux, Scana and Honeywell Enraf together to provide VRC and Ballasting systems for FPSOs

Per Paloma Melo

Honeywell Marine and Skarpenord AS part of Scana will join forces to supply the VRC (Valve Remote Control System) and Ballasting System in a single package for the FPSO and liquid bulk carrier market.

Both are traditional system providers, each in its own specialty. Skarpenord is a Norwegian company of the Scana group, a manufacturer of remotely actuated valve systems for ship hulls, with supplies also for oil tankers, including those from Brazilian fleets. Honeywell, through its Enraf division, specializes in providing ship ballast systems and FPSOs.

Fluxo, which represents and distributes the systems of both companies in the Brazilian market, conceived the convergence of their supplies through a single package, as it worked for 14 years for Emerson Process Management, successfully distributing a similar package . In this way, the world market for bulk carriers and FPSOs now has a second supplier of a complete package, through companies with know-how of individualized supplies already established in the market.

How important it is that the systems provided have the proper coverage of after market, Fluxo was appointed to do so, based on its credential of having introduced the digital valve remote control system in the country, and has worked to date with the world's main supplier of electric and hydraulic actuators. In addition, Fluxo was also responsible for bringing to Brazil tank level control systems using radar for 33 years, and also takes care of after-sales assistance for more than 4,000 radar and servo-operated meters. In addition, when a percentage of national content is required, Fluxo is able to support the supply with nationally manufactured valves and to assemble actuators of various types at its industrial facilities in São Paulo, where it can also carry out the acceptance test of manufactures.

“We are very excited about the market response. Likewise, our Singapore branch, led by Executive Director Harry Huang, will also be available to give full local commercial support,” emphasizes Hideo Hama, Fluxo president.

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