Fluxo Soluções
 / September 2015

Fluxo's presence at Ilta is a success in another edition

For 15 consecutive years, Fluxo has participated in the Ilta (International Liquid Terminals Association) fair in Houston-TX, and organizes visits to terminals and factories of its partner companies. This year, Fluxo toured facilities in Houston-TX and Atlanta-GA, such as the Magellan East Houston Terminal, the largest distribution terminal in the Houston area, the Magellan Galena Park Terminal, a multi-product maritime terminal with seven berths and an average of 200 tanks, and the Customer Experience Center in Houston, where you can learn in detail about Honeywell Process Solutions' supervisory and control systems. Visits were also made to the Honeywell-Enraf plant of fuel additive and marker injection systems and solutions, compact tasters and Fusion4 electronic flow controller, and the former Perimeter Oil terminal in Atlanta, recently acquired by Magellan Pipeline Company LLC.

The event was recognized as a success by the invited customers, who highlighted that it was a great opportunity to get to know the systems and equipment better, some of them in applications different from those seen in Brazil. Undoubtedly, one of the most important experiences was the opportunity to interact with Fusion 4 at the factory in Atlanta, where Honeywell has a test loop with different configuration options, capable of simulating tanker truck loading, allowing the user to perform programming in the electronic preset, and realize its differentials.

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