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Prescriptive Maintenance & Vibration Analysis

Provider: Symphony Industrial AI

Symphony solutions cover all segments of the Brazilian industry. With a focus on solutions in Prescriptive Maintenance, it is important to know how much companies spend on maintenance in their operation to assess the market. Currently, companies adopt preventive and predictive maintenance plans focused on cost reduction:

  • Reduction in corrective maintenance costs
  • Improved predictability of expenses
  • Improved purchase of spares
  • Agility in repair processes
  • Minimize production impacts

Analyzing the Brazilian market, Symphony's solutions bring, in addition to equipment and system diagnostics, in addition to the patented impact detection technology (bearings and gears), "Impact Demod", which allows detecting incipient failures well in advance, a library of differentiated data and records on the market, with the largest Machine Condition Analysis System in the world (with more than 12,000 failure modes and 6,000 independent rules, which allows you to suggest what type of maintenance should be given to the equipment. The benefits are:

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Increased useful life and performance of equipment and systems
  • Reliability of data and routine prescription
  • Asset Optimization - CAPEX and OPEX reduction • Benefit versus cost ratio of 20:1

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